🐣 Hello Polygon, 👋 Goodbye Gas Fees

Dharma is the easiest way to buy & sell any token on Ethereum from a US bank account.

Today, we are excited to launch Polygon network support for all users. 

With Polygon, Dharma users can:

  • Buy thousands of tokens, directly from a US-bank account
  • Sell tokens for dollars in your bank account without leaving Polygon
  • Swap thousands of tokens with near-instant confirmation
  • Transfer tokens to other Polygon users around the globe

all with zero-dollar** network fees.  No expensive Ethereum transactions or tricky cross-chain bridges to navigate — the barrier to entry is gone.


Since launching the Dharma app in January 2020, the #1 piece of feedback we’ve gotten is “why are network fees so high?”. For many months, we attempted to address this by subsidizing user transactions. But as DeFi Summer raged on, this practice became infeasible, and the volume of feedback increased. 

No more. Today, users around the world can experience the magic of DeFi, through a beautiful and intuitive user experience, with zero network fees. 

So buy that token that you were priced out of because of network fees; trade daily and pay zero gas; pay your friends, family members, or business associated in crypto. And if you need to cash out to your bank account, you can do it directly from your Polygon wallet.  

No more shuffling money between Ethereum, Polygon, and your cryptocurrency exchange.

It’s all possible now that Dharma is on Polygon.

How To Buy Tokens On Polygon

Getting started as a beginner is easy as 🥧

  1. Tap the “Ethereum” network switcher in the top left corner, and switch to your Polygon wallet
  2. Tap “Buy Crypto”
  3. Search among ≈2000+ tokens on Polygon
  4. Confirm your purchase with zero network fees

How To Sell Tokens On Polygon

Cash out to your bank in seconds:

  1. Select any token in your Polygon wallet (or deposit one from a different wallet if you don’t have one already)
  2. Tap “Sell”
  3. Select your bank account as the destination
  4. Confirm your sale with zero network fees and dollars will be en route to your bank account!

**Dharma will cover network fees up to $0.50, which covers the vast majority of transactions on Polygon. Users will pay for transaction fees only if they exceed $0.50.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are the network fees free?

A: The Polygon network was built to support high-throughput, low-latency, low-fee transactions. As such, Dharma can submit the vast majority of transactions on Polygon for less than $0.10. With fees this low, we’re happy to cover the cost for you :)** \n **

Q: What fees does Dharma charge for buying / selling crypto on Polygon?

A: For buying / selling / swapping crypto on Polygon, Dharma charges a fee of either $1.99 or 0.5% of the trade size — whichever of the two is larger. ** \n **

Q: What tokens can I buy on Dharma’s Polygon wallet?

A: You can buy any token on the top 30 decentralized exchanges on Polygon — we will find you the best liquidity using the 1inch DEX aggregator system

Q: Is my Polygon address the same as my Dharma address?

A: Yes, your Polygon address should be the same as your Dharma address. If your addresses are not the same, please reach out to our support team (support@dharma.io), and we will rectify this for you.** \n **

Have any more questions?  Come say hi on Discord — we promise we won’t bite :)

** \n **

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