📣 Announcing Dharmas Affiliate Program 📣

Web3 native, rewards paid in crypto, aligned incentives top to bottom, funding DAO's and other digital entities-- WAGMI 

The Dharma staff have shared many virtual coffees workshopping ways to grow deeper roots in the web3 world while finding ways to support entities, creators, and individuals we feel are contributing to the ecosystem. 

We're stoked to share that those coffees paid off as we announce a first-of-it's-kind affiliate program where Dharma will reward our partners in crypto on a rev-share of our transaction fees. 

Find the application on the bottom of this page. Here's the rundown on the program : 

Dharma will reward up to 50% of our transaction fee revenue for all trades to new customers referred to Dharma via our partners for one year. The more your community members trade on Dharma, the more you will receive in rewards-- no cap, no limits. The new user will also receive $50 in free ETH on Polygon after purchasing a total of over $500 of any coin, making it a double sided rewards program. 

For DAO's and other tokenized communities, the design of our affiliate program is to create a unique value prop: Dharma is the easiest and quickest on ramp to go from fiat into your native token (the process takes 5-10 minutes from downloading the app to complete buying your token). By purchasing your token through Dharma, they then generate transaction fees that fund the treasury of your token, which they are newly owners of, creating an aligned incentive top to bottom. Those community members will generate rewards for our affiliate partners not only for purchasing your token, but for all trades made on Dharma for a year-- and that's in addition to the free $50 in ETH they'll get. 

We have been working with our founding affiliate partners and will share an update on each partnership as they go live. 

If you think you'd be a good fit as an affiliate partner, you can apply here.

You can reach out to me on Twitter @StevenTrommm or on Discord at Steven_Dharma#7942. 


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